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Dzul Iskandar (Dani Iskandar)

Filmmaker and cinematographer hailing from Brunei Darussalam. With a passion for visual storytelling, he has made a significant mark in the film industry, both in his home country and beyond.

In 2019, Dzul Iskandar's exceptional skills as a cinematographer were recognized when he was chosen as one of the Top 2 Young Filmmakers of the year to represent Brunei Darussalam at the ASEAN ROK Film Leaders event. During this prestigious occasion, he had the opportunity to work closely with acclaimed film directors and certified cinematographers from Korea, further honing his craft.

One of Dzul Iskandar's notable works is the short film titled "Gelombang," which premiered at the Empire Times Cineplex. This film not only showcased his artistic vision but also caught the attention of the Philippines BINISAYA Film Festival in 2020, where it was selected for screening, gaining recognition beyond the borders of Brunei.

Continuing to build on his success, Dzul Iskandar has contributed to several other remarkable projects. In 2019, he worked on the films "Hutang" and "Life from There," further establishing his reputation as a talented filmmaker. His commitment to excellence in cinematography was recognized when his work on the film "Tabooka" earned a nomination for Best Lighting and Cinematography at the Brunei Content Film Festival in 2022.

Dzul Iskandar's dedication to his craft led to the selection of his latest work, "Nilai Part 1," for the UBD Fass term screening. The film garnered further recognition as it was chosen for the 5th UBD Fass term screening, a three-hour event featuring the best works from aspiring filmmakers. Dzul Iskandar's film was followed by a commenting session facilitated by esteemed media experts, including A'aqiil Ahmad and Azeez Danial, both renowned Bruneian filmmakers. Additionally, "Nilai Part 1" has been submitted for consideration at the UBD Prism Festival, highlighting Dzul Iskandar's commitment to pushing boundaries and sharing his unique perspective through his filmmaking.


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